Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WSS Wargames Factory conversions

Wargames Factory , converted..given a black wash for photography purposes..Liquid green stuff very useful for filling and for forming a plumage border on the big wigs hats.. Wigs are a product of using sprue glued on  in position then sculpted with a pyrograuve tool..
click on the image so as to see a larger pic.

1. Grenadiers, posed  as part of base that includes a mounted figire, hence the looking up pose of several.Bayonets and scabbards added.

2. Mounted genera;  looking left

3. Mounted general in an active pose. sword drawn and looking to the right.

4. Marshal, gesturing with his baton, and an aide looking to the right .Aides's sword scabbaded. Marshal's right hand from Victrix Napoleonics

5. General in an heroic pose, looking to the left, sword drawn.

6. A pair of dragoons, posed as an escort, drummer's  right hand is from the  Perry's ACW infantry set.

7. General, looking to the right , sword drawn

8. General. ,looking to the left,  sword drawn. 

9. General in cuirass, looking to the left, sword drawn, 

10. Mounted officer passing  despatch to a foot officer. Infantyman there as an escort.

11. General looking to the left, waving  his hat .Infantry offer with spontoon

12. General with map looking left, officer and drummer.

13, Officer  with telescope

14. Senior officers on foot with telescopes

15. General receiving a salute from a very seruiously bewigged Bavarian  Grenadier officer.


  1. Very, very nice. How did you fix the eyes? I mean away from the WF bug-eye originals?


  2. well nothing special, no problem for me hope to have some painted ones up soon